About Us: A Student Project Gets Real

UW MHCI+D Cohort 10 students (left to right) Nico Martinez Rojas, Francesca Sabroso, Angela Goldberg, and Adam Moss.

About: Us is a prompt card game created by Adam Moss, Angela Goldberg, Francesca Sabroso, and Nico Martinez Rojas, four members of the 10th MHCI+D cohort. Their project began as a response to the theme of ‘migration’ in their Ideation Studio class. After identifying a social divide between international and domestic high school students at The Northwest School in Seattle, the team aimed to bridge this gap through a card game that balances fun, lighthearted prompts with opportunities for deeper connection. They designed the prompt card game to be played in class as a way to strengthen social connection and cultural understanding between domestic and international students. The success of About: Us has led to a planned launch of the game at The Northwest School later this fall and the potential for it to become a business venture that supports international high schools worldwide.