HCI+D Interdisciplinary Faculty Group

Meet the dedicated HCI and Design faculty who support and teach in the program

The Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design program was founded by DUB, a research center and grassroots alliance of faculty, students, researchers, and industry partners interested in Human Computer Interaction & Design research and education at the University of Washington. The program is overseen by the HCI+D Interdisciplinary Faculty Group which is composed of two dub-involved faculty from each of our four sponsoring academic units.

Technology to support positive behavior changes, access to diverse information, supporting health and wellness behaviors through self-tracked data

Audrey Desjardins

Assistant Professor, Interaction Design

School of Art + Art History + Design

Design, interaction design, sustainability

Kristen Dew

Assistant Teaching Professor

Human Centered Design & Engineering

Sustainable interaction design and technology ethics, ethnographic and design inquiry methods

Human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, sensing, accessibility

Data visualization, interactive data analysis, social computing, human-computer interaction

Amanda Menking

Associate Teaching Professor, and Director of MHCI+D

The Information School

Social computing, gender and technology

Design, industrial design, interaction design, new media

Input & interaction techniques, human performance measurement & modeling, HCI research & design methods, mobile computing, and accessible computing

Teaching Faculty, 2020-21

Core courses are taught by faculty from several departments and from industry

The teaching faculty in the Master of Human Computer Interaction+ Design program come from the sponsoring departments as well as the program director and guest instructors from industry.

HCID 521: Prototyping Studio (Wi)

HCID 521: Prototyping Studio (Wi)

HCID 511: Ideation Studio (Au)

HCID 531: User Research Studio (Sp)

HCID 541: Capstone Studio (Su)

HCID 590: Dub Seminar (Au, Wi, Sp, Su)

HCID 520: User Interface Software & Technology (Wi)

Amanda Menking

Director of MHCI+D


Associate Teaching Professor

The Information School

HCID 501: Immersion Studio (Au)

HCID 530: User Research (Au)

HCID 540: Capstone Planning (Wi)

HCID 531: User Research Studio (Sp)

HCID 510: Design of Interactive Systems (Sp)

HCID 541: Capstone Studio (Su)

Jaime Snyder

Assistant Professor

The Information School

HCID 511: Ideation Studio (Au)