Costs and Financial Aid

The MHCID graduate program is a self-sustaining, fee-based program. Instructional fees are charged on a per-credit basis, and they are the same for resident (state of Washington), non-resident, and international students. In addition to instructional fees, students pay other required fees each quarter, including registration and technology fees and U-Pass transit pass. Fees are payable by the third week of each quarter.

Cost per credit: $1,109 for 2021-2022 (approved May, 2021). This cost generally increases slightly year-to-year.

Minimum number of credits required: 46 credits (historically, the average number of credits taken is 48)

Estimated average cost of degree in 2021-22*: $51,014 *This estimate is based on 46 credits. It does not factor in additional credits beyond the average taken, other required fees, textbooks or any additional annual fee increases. More information about costs and UW fees can be found here. Fees are subject to change.

A portion of the course fees will be used to defray the cost of receptions, food and non-alcoholic beverages served at program events and activities, and graduation mementoes.

Studio and prototyping materials are provided, as is access to discounted or free software, and a license for LinkedIn Learning.

Financial Aid

There is no specific financial aid linked to this program. Most students pay for the program using loans (student or private), and perhaps personal savings.

Students in fee-based programs can apply for various forms of financial aid to help cover their educational costs, including federal and state grants, loans and work study. The FAFSA priority deadline is January 15 each year. You can still apply after this deadline. For more information on federal or state aid, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Students in fee-based programs are not eligible for tuition exemptions or university grants, including the Husky Promise program. Tuition exemption for state employees is not available.

Graduate students of color may apply for consideration for a Graduate Supplemental Award through UW’s GO-MAP program.

Some employers may cover all or part of the cost of a professional education. Check with your employer to see if such a program is available.

Program Laptop Policy

All students enrolled in MHCID courses are required to have a laptop they can use in classes and for their studies. For more information and requirements, visit our Laptop Policy page.