Class of 2024

Meet the MHCI+D class of 2024!

Joanne Chang

Hi I’m Joanne, a UX designer with 8+ years of experience in online retail, blending teaching empathy with business strategy to craft user-centered designs driving impactful solutions.

Maitri Chauhan

I am Maitri Chauhan, a User Expierence designer. Prior to the MHCID program, I graduated with a Bachelor of Design degree from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and then worked for around 3 years as a UX/Product designer in the Finance and E-commerce industry, at companies - D.E. Shaw, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and SockSoho. My primary skills and interests lie in User Interface, User Experience, User Research, and Visual design. Besides design, I enjoy traveling, dancing and any kind of adventure sports!

Jamie Fong

I'm an end-to-end product designer with a background rooted in anthropology. Prior to joining the MHCID program, I worked as a product designer for both in-house and agency teams, specializing in translating technically intensive products in the B2B space for a broader audience. I'm originally from the San Fransisco Bay Area, but have lived in Seattle for many years and travel back and forth frequently.

Jiho Kim

Hi! I'm Jiho, a Seoul native passionate about blending creativity and technology. With a background in Fashion Design and Museology, I aim to create accessible experiences at the intersection of Augmented Reality(AR), Human-AI interaction, and Accessibility. I'm passionate about developing solutions that empower the blind or low vision(BLV) and deaf or hard of hearing(DHH) communities.

Sneha Lakshmanan

Hi! I’m Sneha, a product designer from Los Angeles. My bachelors degree in Bioinformatics fueled my interest for analyzing data and uncovering non-obvious insights. However, I was craving a more creative career and discovered design. I have experience designing digital tools for healthcare and health and wellness, both consumer-facing and enterprise. I enjoy the end-to-end design process, service design, and critiquing emerging tech. My passions include accessibility to healthy living, nurturing relationships and communities, and creating memorable, perspective shifting experiences. I am inspired by traveling, reading fantasy adventure novels, and being in nature.

Michelle Lopez

I'm a mixed methods UX researcher with entrepreneurial, product management, and professional content creation experience. Prior to joining the MHCID program, I worked as a Product Owner at Yelp in San Francisco/New York and a Business Systems Analyst at Puppet, a DevOps start-up in Portland, OR. I also spend time working on Hummingbird High, my popular baking website with recipes featured in The New York Times, Bon Appetit magazine, and other press. Follow me!

Tiffany Streitenberger

Hridae Walia

I'm an Interaction Designer who likes to create experiences that reach beyond the screen. I previously studied Interaction Design at CCA in San Francisco and worked as a designer on various digital and physical projects.

Caiya Wiltshire

Hi! I'm Caiya Wiltshire, a mechanical engineer and product designer from San Antonio, Texas! I graduated undergrad in 2023 and immediatly joined the MHCID program. I loved my previous internships designing hardware, but wanted to learn how to design products for users. I'm passionate about making technology accessible, creating memorable experiences, and helping people in any way I can!

Kelly Zhong

Hi, I'm Kelly! I'm a UX Designer from San Diego, California. I graduated from UCLA in 2022 with a major in Cognitive Science and Specialization in Computing and a minor in Digital Humanities. I'm interested in working within the realms of entertainment, social wellbeing, and emerging technologies.