Class of 2023

Meet the MHCI+D class of 2023!

Aavishii Patel Saxena

Adrienne Lee

Hey, I'm Adrienne! I was born and raised Bay Area and graduated from UC Davis in 2022 with a double major in Design and Psychology. I started off my design education with a focus in graphic design, but I felt drawn to UX design after learning more about its design process. Prior to MHCI+D, I briefly worked as a UX design intern in healthcare. In my free time, I love crocheting, sewing, and experimenting with my home barista skills!

Allison Ngo

Hello, I'm Allison! I worked for several years in fintech before finding my way to UXR. I started out as a business analyst, moved to product, and finally found my sweet spot talking to customers and thinking about product strategy as a design researcher. I am hoping to pivot industries and apply my UXR skills to sustainable or social impact problems. I grew up in the Bay Area and went to undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University studying Business Administration and Chinese Studies. It definitely wasn't a linear journey and I'm happy to share more about it for other pivoters out there! In my free time, I love to go hiking, do yoga, spend time with my cats, play video games, make tea, and do all kinds of crafts. Feel free to ask me if you need some tea recommendations in the Bay or in Seattle :)

Angela Goldberg

Human person.

Carista Eliani

My name is Carista and I create visual narratives through design, illustration, and animation. I grew up in New York and studied Communication Design at Pratt Institute for undergrad. I'm deeply involved in the Young Professionals group at my church here in Seattle. I am also part of the church's worship team as a pianist and vocalist.

Carver Wilcox

Before MHCI+D, I worked in business development + marketing with international agencies that specialize in creating interactive brand experiences. Now, I'm excited to apply my previous experience to designing emerging tech products and services with the potential to shape future global cultures. I thrive in exploring the obscure, asking critical questions, and connecting conceptual dots. I love backgammon and sci-fi, and have lived Hawaii, Tokyo, and LA.

Cristabel Otero

I graduated from UC San Diego where I majored in Cognitive Science - Design and Interaction and received minors in Ethnic Studies and Chicanx/Latinx Studies. I enjoy being outdoors at the beach, hiking, running, or finding new restaurants or coffee shops.

Daniel Sharp

Hi! My name is Daniel. My background encompasses a combination of design, and engineering in client success. Previously, I worked at Oracle / Opower which combines a cloud-based platform, big data, and behavioral science to help utilities around the world reduce energy consumption and improve relationships with their end users. At Oracle / Opower, I frequently code switched between pairing with fellow engineers, chatting with product teams about launches, and working directly with clients to understand their needs. I have also worked as a founding UX designer for Envision Inclusion, a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultancy that supports early-stage tech companies with diversity recruiting. In my spare time away from grad school, I enjoy reading graphic novels, weight lifting, traveling, and more recently, trying my hand at archery.

Emily Shu

Hi, I’m Emily! Thanks for taking the time to read my bio! I’m a multidisciplinary designer interested in crafting meaningful and compelling human experiences. I have a background in finance and got my bachelors at the University of Virginia. After spending several years working in financial services, I realized that it was not my calling and decided to make a career pivot. Fast forward a couple years and now I’m elated to call MHCI+D my home. I am also a passionate rock climber, and have been to multiple destinations across the US and Canada for rock climbing. I’m always excited to discuss all things MHCI+D, design, the career pivot journey, and climbing, so please reach out!

Fernando Suarez Martinez

I am a content marketer, digital strategist, entrepreneur, and brand developer who enjoys wearing multiple hats, fast-paced startups, and human-centric design. I am a marketing and advertising professional interested in team leadership, marketing strategy, advertising, content creation, and social impact. Digital marketing specialist and motion designer with 7+ years of experience delivering successful end-to-end marketing campaigns and content strategy efforts that support GTM initiatives to drive thought leadership, conversions, and brand awareness for B2B and B2C organizations.

Francesca Sabroso

Hola! I'm Fran, a researcher who combines my psychology background with a passion for entrepreneurship to connect people and opportunities. Prior to joining MHCI+D and moving from Peru, I conducted exploratory research that led to the creation of Koshi Studio: a social venture founded to provide economic and psychological support to indigenous artisan communities by preserving their art and culture. I also worked as a UX Researcher in the banking industry, advocating for financial inclusion and developing tools to upscale the research practice across the organization. As a researcher, I genuinely enjoy talking to and connecting with people, learning about their unique stories and needs to inform design solutions that are meaningful. Conducting research projects that support minorities and promote social connections and empowerment is something that I am deeply committed to. Outside of work, I love indulging in pop culture and exploring the stunning outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

Funke Alliyu

Hi! I’m Funke, and I’m a researcher that is fueled by my observations in everyday life. I have a passion for research that involves amplifying voices and uncovering challenges within marginalized communities, and like to conduct research that is ethical, resourceful, relevant, and produces actionable insights. I enjoy crafting thought-provoking research activities for participants that generate not only valuable data, but also enjoyable, reflective moments. I earned a BS in Data Science from Pennsylvania State University, where I learned to analyze quantitative data using various statistical methods, but I wanted a career that blended both numbers and people. After discovering UX by joining an HCI research lab my junior year and conducting my first user interview, my interest in UX research has only continued to grow. Growing up, I have always had a creative side and so coming to MHCI+D was a way for me to acknowledge and grow that part of me. I was born and raised in Philadelphia where I learned to enjoy activities like winning the Super Bowl, playing the piano, and playing basketball. Now in Seattle, I'm excited to venture into outdoor adventures and will be documenting my journey!

Gayathri Kasilingam

Hi, I'm Gayathri (G3) and I happen to love design, dogs and food a little more than I should. I did computer science in undergrad, but was always the artisitic/creative kid doodling in one corner - probably why UX design was a super fit to integrate my left and right brain capabilities. Outside the design grind, I love playing badminton, exploring cute cafes and going on hikes to explore nature ( I cant seem to get enough of the PNW )

Jaye Ahn

Hello, I’m Jaye! I was born and raised in Seoul and also spent a significant chunk of my childhood growing up in the States. (Fun fact: I dream in both English and Korean!) I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major in psychology and minor in neuroscience, where I spent about 4+ years conducting research. Prior to the program I was a research coordinator where I organized a variety of studies from measuring cortisol levels of minoritized groups to understanding eating behaviors with M&Ms. Through MHCI+D, I’ve grown to become a product designer with a passion for inclusive and accessible design, especially through my work at Project Sidewalk where we analyze the accessibility of pedestrian infrastructure through crowdsourcing. I regularly bring back my psychology roots to inform my design process to create human-centered and empathetic design. In my free time, I love making silly drawings on my iPad, taking pictures with my film camera, going thrifting, and baking bread!

Kelly Frost Davis

Hi, I'm Kelly. I entered the program with six years of work experience across communications, sales, and marketing positions in Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco. Before the program, I worked full-time as a UX Researcher. I plan to continue my work as a UX Researcher after graduating from the program.

Kieran Nageotte

I love a bulleted list:
- From Berkeley, CA
- Undergrad in Industrial Design, UW class of 2017
- Worked 2017–2022 as an industrial designer / design engineer developing modern light fixtures for a small company in Seattle (
- I'm career pivoting to UX out of a desire to have a larger scale impact, and a passion for user-centered design
- I love outdoors stuff, and recently I've been getting back into running.
- I'm always happy to chat if anyone wants to on LinkedIn or wherever else chats are chatted!

Larry Tian

Hello! I'm Larry, a UX Designer that is passionate about merging my human-centered approach with my technological talents to create products that are both safe and inclusive. I was born in China, but I've lived in Seattle since I was 13. Interestingly, my undergrad was alo at the University of Washington, where I received a B.S. in Informatics (HCI and Data Science track). Prior to starting the MHCI+D program, I worked as a UX designer at a few startups. I've also taken part in a few other research projects at UW's User Empowerment Lab centered on creating designs that improve digital wellbeing and resolve online conflicts. Outside of school, I enjoy trying food from different cultures (people in the cohort refer to me as their personal Yelp), as well as tennis, snowboarding, and exploring new things (such as skydiving). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via my email or connect with me on LinkedIn! 😀

Mary Catherine Meno

Hi! My name is Mary Catherine (or MC, as many people call me). I am an aspiring UX researcher with a passion for accessibility. I was born and raised in Washington and attended the University of Georgia for undergrad, where I earned a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A in Cognitive Science. My minor in computer science introduced me to the field of HCI and led me to pursue a Master's degree after working as a graduate UX research intern. When the weather is warm(ish), I love to hike and when it's cold you can find me on a snowboard enjoying some fresh powder! Aside from being outdoors, I love to read, listen to true crime podcasts, and travel when I can.

Matthew Fang

Hi! I’m Matt Fang. Thanks for reading my blurb. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a double major in Information Systems and HCI in 2021, but I actually started off as an engineer. It wasn’t until after long hours of debugging electrical circuits and my numerous failures in programing did I realize that I was not meant to do this. Luckily, I took an HCI elective on a whim in my sophomore year, and fell in love with how I could be creative and help humans at the same time. The rest of undergrad is history. After I graduated, I worked one year as a UX Designer in fintech and worked closely with some big-brain service and product designers, which made me realize how much more I needed to learn! Therefore, I decided to pursue an advanced degree to challenge my thinking and prepare myself for future careers as a strategy and/or service designer. Outside of school, I love to eat food, cook my favorite Pork Belly recipes, and bake desserts without recipes (very chaotic). I’m also active in church, and pursuing an advanced theology degree on the side. I also love to watch the New York Knicks even though I grew up in New Jersey, and Chelsea FC Football Club in London. If you made it this far, thank you :)

Matthieu Reed

Hi, I'm Matthieu! I am a product designer from Montreal with a background at the intersection of technology, retail and user experience. My skillset and interests enable me to collaborate with designers, engineers and various stakeholders to create and deliver cutting-edge experiences and solutions. In my own time, I like to frequent cinemas and read about design in all shapes and sizes.

Mike Monks

Hi, I'm Mike! I was introduced to UX while working as a contractor for the Environmental Protection Agency. I worked there for six years, leading the design effort for countless EPA projects and design initiatives. In undergrad, I studied Psychology and spent the first part of my professional career working as a graphic designer, musician, and various other technology and psychology adjacent roles. My road to UX design was long and winding, and I picked up many hobbies along the way. In my free time, I like working on personal projects (I recently made a tiny chair), making music, learning new illustrator tricks, and nerding out about typography. If you need any Seattle doughnut recommendations or have any questions about the program, feel free to email or connect on LinkedIn!

Michelle Thangtamsatid

Michelle is fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances of the cross-cultural user experience. She considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on her academic foundations in human-computer interaction and design, and continue her professional development. In her free time Michelle loves keeping up with the latest Marvel movies, hanging out with her dog Xochi, and listening to Beyonce on blast.

Nat Tolia

Hi there, I'm Nat :~) I'm interested in design that explores how we live together as humans in the world through both a critical and empathetic lens, and investigating ways technology can help empower communities for social good. Before MHCI+D I got a BFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design, and worked as a visual designer at a tech nonprofit. I decided to apply to MHCI+D because I wanted to learn how to incorporate research into design more rigorously to have a better chance of achieving meaningful outcomes. Besides design, I'm into art, video games, critical theory, cats, and Wikipedia rabbitholes. I'm happy to geek out about any of these things with people so feel free to reach out!

Shawn Wang

Hello, this is Shawn. Prior to MHCI+D, I earned my undergraduate degree in Informatics from Indiana University-Bloomington and worked in fintech and automobile industries as a designer. I enjoy designing products delivering care with thoughtful details and those that are disrupting or challenging traditional form factors. I am particularly passionate about consumer electronics, transportation, and Internet of Things products that align with the "ambient computing" concept. Throughout my career, my aspiration is to contribute to the design process of the next major computing platform. When I am not designing, I am a cat owner, a foodie, a podcast host, a Hyrule traveler, and a casual poker player :-)

Suryaa Murali

Hi! My name is Suryaa, and I’m a graduate from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where I studied Cognitive Science and Informatics (minor). Including what I studied in undergrad, I'm also interested in studying systems thinking, history, and sustainability. Outside of that I like: legos, exploring Google Earth/Wikipedia, entertainment (Music/Movies), and Bay Area Sports Teams. In the future, my goal is to become a UX Designer working in one of my interest areas!

Tara Singson

Hi! I'm Tara, an aspiring product designer with a background in art direction, industrial design, and illustration. Prior to the program, I worked at an advertising agency in the Philippines where I worked on a variety of campaigns and creative projects. Everything from rebranding a 100-year old insurance company, creating digital videos and content that empower women to be more financially independent, to redesigning an air conditioner grille. After my 3-year stint in advertising, I moved to a digital innovations agency where I built a roster of mobile applications and websites for retail, e-commerce, fintech, and corporate brands. My experiences have taught me that when users’ needs are placed at the forefront of the design process, products are more meaningful and valuable to users. I applied to the MHCI+D program because I wanted to learn more in depth user research techniques to futher inform my design decisions and create more impactful solutions for people. Especially in the spaces of education, female healthcare, and the environment. Outside of school and work, you can find me singing along to Disney, practicing my crossovers at an ice rink, or watching C-dramas or K-dramas. If you have any questions about the program, or just want to chat, shoot me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn!

Tavin Olarnsakul

Hi I’m Tavin! I’m a self taught Designer with a background in Finance and Psychology. I decided to enroll in the MHCI+D program to learn how I can better create digital experiences that have a positive impact. Prior to this I worked as a UX Designer at a boutique agency in Bangkok, where I worked on a roster of UX challenges from redesigning a more user-friendly portal for filing taxes to rethinking how a digital-first bank can streamline their refinancing process. Before pivoting into Design, I got my M.S. in Finance from UVA and worked as an Investment Analyst for a corporate VC. My current portfolio is what I used to apply for C10, and as a fun comparison this was my old portfolio that I was accepted for C8. If you have any questions about the program feel free to reach out :)

Thayna Santana

Hi, I'm Thayna! I am a UX/UI Designer and Frontend Developer based in Seattle, WA. My background is that of a web developer, having worked as a consultant at Accenture on large-scale projects to building websites for small businesses. I have a fondness for dogs, traveling, and discovering different cultures, which is where I find my creativity.

Veneza Yuzon

Hi there! I’m Veneza!After spending 11 years as an engineer in the pharma / medical device industry, I decided to pivot into UX to find a more fulfilling career that would put me more in touch with users. I hope to leverage the soft and analytical skills that I gained in my past life, while developing more of my creative side, in order to eventually work on products that give people joy. In my free time I love to travel, discover new foods, watch new TV shows and movies, play video games, and hang out with my senior kitty :)

Vivian Cheng

Hello! I'm Viv and I'm a former pharmacy technician making a big pivot into the world of HCI. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience & Psychology at the University of Toronto in 2019, worked as a pharmacy technician, then discovered UX through a friend's recommendation. Now I'm here at MHCI+D. I have a passion for healthcare but am open to many fields of design. In my free time you'll find me doodling and making illustrations.