Class of 2017

Meet the MHCI+D class of 2017

Mai Bouchet

I have an bachelor's degree in Informatics from the University of Washington and have worked professionally as a UX designer. I am now looking forward to improving my knowledge of design, specifically in the realm of user research and interaction design, through the MHCI+D program. I am interested in applying these skills to solve problems in areas outside of the traditional tech realm.

Chelsea Braun

I come to this program with a background in healthcare informatics, consulting and project management. My work in these sectors have been extremely influential in instilling in me the importance of user-centered design. Good design is intentional and requires careful and dedicated work. I believe that truly compelling designs are born from passion and creativity as well as precise research, communication and collaboration. My designs focus on usability and compelling interaction, while maintaining a keen sense for business operations and project requirements. I look forward to further exploration into the design of technology as in continues to influence and permeate our physical spaces.

Nongmo Cai

Hello, I’m a designer who strives to design meaningful and easy-to-understand experiences.

My background is in Industrial design and Industry. In the past three years, I had been working as a UX designer for Ericsson in China, where I designed for telecom software and mobile applications while. I had enjoyed working in collaboration with stakeholders in an agile environment, to design products with thoughtful experiences.

Brandon Caruso

After graduating with a degree in Software Engineering in 2015 from SUNY Oswego and working briefly at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it was clear that software development was only the introduction to what I was really interested in pursuing. While other engineers enjoyed focusing on the details of the implementation, I was interested in what informed the solution and how the user would interact with the functionality. Wanting to deepen that focus, studying human-computer interaction and design was the obvious next step. MHCI+D has broadened my focus beyond the screen and I look forward to continuing my exploration of the intersection between physical and digital experiences after graduation. 

I love to sing, play the trumpet and piano, and listen to music from before I was born.

Terrie Chan

I am fascinated by how we can solve problems better, together. I began my design exploration as UNICEF Canada's first Innovation and Development intern, a time when multinational non-profits were just picking up the idea of design thinking and rapid prototyping to scale their impact. Since then, I have dipped my toes in Impact Investing and worked as an Associate at the MaRS Solutions Lab - a public and social innovation lab located at Canada's largest innovation hub - consulting governments, foundations, and non-profit organizations on design research, design thinking approach, and implementing solutions with a systems thinking perspective.

At UW, I am honing my skills as an experience designer + strategist, focusing on designing digital products that matches business needs and for scale. In my free time, I am also an active member of the UW Global Case Competition club, competing in business case competitions ranging from Nestlé's expansion to Cuba to healthcare innovation. I will also be joining current MBA's on a Business Study Tour to China and Vietnam this March, learning about supply-chain management with business leaders in Asia.

Am always open for a coffee and for interesting conversations, feel free to click on my links for my contact!

Luis Gamboa

I am Cuban/Mexican, and I lived most of my life in Merida, Yucatan. Technology and design have fascinated me for years. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Design, and have over four years of experience as a designer and design manager at a marketing firm in Merida, where I spent most of my time creating and supervising the designs and concepts for Yucatan Government’s tourism account. After moving to Seattle, I obtained my Certificate in Web Development before pursuing my Masters in MHCI+D at UW. I am intrigued by products that enrich people’s lives, particularly the design and how the user experiences such design.  That being said, I plan to focus more on UX design while I am not hiking, travelling, camping, or taking photographs of the Pacific Northwest.

Wei-Hung Hsieh

With a diverse academic background in advertising and education, and experience as a product manager in consumer electronics industry, I enjoy cooperating with interdisciplinary teams to deliver meaningful solutions to challenging problems. Improving team dynamics and facilitating seamless cooperation of cross-functional groups were the focus of my previous professional experience, and will be my future career goal as an interaction designer in the field of computer-supported cooperative work. I joined MHCI+D to expand my vision from hardware-centric to a more holistic, human-centered perspective, and gain insight into fast-paced teamwork in the design process.

Branden M. Keller

I am a full-process UX and Product Designer with previous experience in print, web, and illustration. My diverse range of creative skills is complemented by a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction + Design. This provides me with an unusually broad perspective to understand context and explore concepts. I emphasize human well-being and potential as the core of my process and have the versatility to contribute at all phases. I aim to not only solve problems, but improve lives.

Siyi Kou

Hey! I’m Siyi. My passion in HCI and UX merges from a love in technology, an enthusiasm for design and a deep desire to apply psychology in real-world to everyone, not just to a limited group. Such background and interests allow me to bridge the gap between human and technology, and to solve problems with a user centred approach alongside a limitless thinking and an attention to the scientific boundaries. I am a world explorer, and have been living and/or studying in Beijing, Macau, London (for my BSc in Psychology from University College London), and Seattle. My love for travel also brought me to over 20 countries. My international experiences equip me with an eye for cultural differences and commonalities and strive for designs that resonate people. The MHCID programme helps strengthen my technical and design skills, and tie together ideation, research ,and implementation. I enjoy collaborating with interdisciplinary team and to learn from my teammate their knowledge and perspectives. After the programme, I aim to work on bringing technology with a strong emphasis on human nature in as part of our life.

Marina Lazarevic

My background in communication, product management and design gives me a unique vantage point from which to create memorable digital interactions. I love working on challenging projects with people who inspire me.

Xiaoshuo-Shirley Lei

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from University of Virginia. Prior to entering the MHCI+D program, I was a candidate in the Master of Landscape Architecture Program from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. I find joy in designing and creating, and I love producing useful and memorable experience for people through prototyping and design. I have deep appreciation for technology, food, fashion, environment, and especially, our daily life. I believe that starting from human need is essential for any design, and design is a means that helps us perceive, interact, and relate to the world. My goal is to bring more functional, appealing, and valuable products for people.

Emi MacLeod

My interests in design, people, and narratives are what shape my interest in User Experience. I come armed with a background in Graphic Design, Art History, and Theatre, all of which play a large role in how I define and construct experiences. In my design work, I found that I was working largely in branding, creating stories for users to fall in love with and identities for audiences to relate to. In my art historical work, I was working with museums and creating spaces that environments that helped audiences members understand the work better and tell the story of the work. Thirdly, in my theatre work, I was interested in creating immersive spaces that helped explain narratives in the most interesting and engaging way.

My aim is create designed experiences that surprise and delight while engaging users in meaningful ways.

Eugene Meng

I hold a MA degree in East Asian Studies from Yale University focusing on interactive space design and accessibility. I received my BA degree in English Literature from Nanjing University. With a mixed background in calligraphy, visual sociology and new media, I have interned at several media outlets like The New York Times and design consultancies. I gravitated towards HCI design because I am fascinated by the social value and enchanting subtlety of design. My interest lies within how to apply elegant design solutions to unravel difficulties in real world.

Alice Merrick

I want to apply my background in cognitive science, linguistics, and mathematics to education, inclusive design, and tool development. As a designer and researcher my goal is to upset the power imbalance between makers and users. By taking a critical stance towards design goals and processes, I hope to create space for different perspectives and address users’ needs in an informed and humane way.

Shravya Neeruganti

The driving force of human behavior has always fascinated me and so Cognitive Science was a natural choice for an undergraduate major.

I also love learning about new softwares and devices. As tech innovations begin to advance, I realize there is a huge opportunity to solve significant problems and make a positive impact in people's lives through technological solutions.

When I discovered the field of User Experience, I realized it was the perfect blend of my passion for psychology and technology!

On a more personal note, I was raised in the Bay Area. Almost everyone knows that I have a slight obsession with dogs. A couple of my favorite pastimes is re-watching the Star Wars movies, baking, and exploring the various cultures the world has to offer!

Brian Orlando

Hi, I’m Brian! I’m a self taught designer and blue sky kind of guy with a background in business, product management and information systems. My passion for design coupled with my understanding of technological and financial constraints has helped me create feasible, yet innovative user interfaces and experiences. I hope to channel my interdisciplinary skill sets to create next generation computing experiences that put people at the center of the design process.

I’m particularly fascinated with AR/MR and voice interaction and how these cutting edge technologies can solve some of today’s biggest design challenges. I decided to pursue graduate studies at UW’s MHCI+D program to learn about today’s best design practices so I can help create tomorrow’s most compelling new user experiences.

Erica Queen

My road to human computer interaction has been exciting. I have a multidisciplinary background in marketing, design, and self-taught Drupal development. Using those skills I launched two federal websites in just as many years. During that time, user experience design revealed itself as my next path forward. I was able to see how putting people at the heart of design makes a lasting impact on a product’s, and in turn an organization’s, success. Since then I have focused my efforts on becoming a refined designer and rigorous researcher.

Edward P Roberts

With a background in carbon fiber and polymer nanofiber research, I joined the MHCI+D program to move into a design space that focuses on the human experience. I could not be happier I joined this master’s program; the design process is challenging and I am learning from brilliant people everyday. The future is always full of pleasant surprises, but when I graduate, I hope to start a career in UX and interface design.

Olivia Margrette Rose Thom


Margaret Tung

Hi, I'm Margaret! I completed my B.S. in Economics and Statistics with two minors in Human-Computer Interaction and Media Design at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously, I was a UX design intern at Amazon and TiVo. Currently, I'm honing my skills as a designer and learning to build empathy and to create pleasing (and a bit magical) interactions. In my free time, I stalk cats and hamsters on Instagram and walk around Seattle to look for great coffee shops. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to learn more about my experiences, or to recommend an awesome coffee shop in Seattle. My current favorites: La Marzocco Cafe at Queen Anne and Kakao at South Lake Union. 🙂 Cheers!

Titania Veda

I blend my understanding of technology, design thinking and human behaviour with my background in creating compelling stories. With this unique combination, I help global companies understand and connect with their communities to create adaptable and accessible solutions.

Maggie Wang

I am a designer who believe good ideas should never go to waste.

I am a programmer who explore the innovative way of applying technology to build interaction between human and digital world. Instead of incorporate everything from physical world into visual surfaces, I am more passionate about bring the interactive experiences back to real life around us.

Holding the passion to dig out more unexplored ideas and solutions in field of HCI, I am actively pursuing my goal to become a full-stack, interaction designer.

While studying for my bachelors degree in Computer Science at UW-Madison, I was lucky enough to work in HCI research lab. I have been working on many robotic projects, including building robotic system and hardware design. After having an initial touch on the interaction design, I start and keep exploring how to combine insights about human behavior into prototyping and design process.

Megan Wilson

I combine my education of human behavior research with user experience to create an understanding of how people interact with products and the world. Every person experiences the world in a different way and I wish to make everyone's experience a good one.

Shelley Xia

My Bachelor's degree is in Graphic Design and Fine Arts from the University of Southern California. Prior to coming to the University of Washington for my Masters in HCI+D, I worked as a UI/UX Designer in the Bay Area. I love tackling design challenges, working with others to solve problems, and always enjoy learning about new design methodologies and technologies in the UX space. Additionally, I enjoy traveling, learning about new cultures, experiencing cuisines, playing video and board games, and painting traditional Chinese watercolor.

Madison Zeller

I am a UX and Product Designer with an instinct for building meaningful interactive experiences firmly grounded in user research. While earning a Psychology degree at UC Berkeley, I conducted research in a visual perception and aesthetics lab. My social science background gives me a human-centered, data-driven foundation for my design decisions. Before MHCI+D, I worked in digital marketing at a financial software company. I am able to liaise among developers, product managers, and creative teams.

Bert Zhang

I create systems and experiences to enrich the lives of others. My background includes interaction/game design, design research, visual communication design, new media art, film production, music composition, computer science, front-end development, and writing (with Oxford commas, of course). I'm learning how to leverage my skills to serve socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, as well as physically and/or emotionally disadvantaged peoples.

Video and board games are my jam. I can decently throw a disc, and play just enough badminton to say I play badminton. Sometimes, people ask me to play piano, percussion, or sing for them. I like dance, especially hip hop, contemporary, and capoeira. My preferred methods of brain-oozing are short films, comedy, and sweet, sweet, R&B.