Class of 2016

Meet the MHCI+D class of 2016

Sara Al Mughairy

I apply the power of technology and design thinking to my background in cognitive science to create awesome products and experiences that resonate with people.

Daisy Bao

As a designer and thinker, I develop meaningful ideas and create new value. With a background in industrial design and speculative design, experience in user research and anthropology research, my problem solving approach is user-centered, with a balance of designer, artist and engineer’s perspective.

I joined the MHCI+D program for the chance to connect with the dub community and better understand UX design. I’m exited to learn more about new technologies and design trends.

Tingwei Chang

A thinker and a communicator. I bring a user-centered and business perspective to solve problems and create useful and meaningful experiences for people. Prior to entering the MHCI+D program, I had 7 years of work experience in the video surveillance and consumer electronics industry. From a sales representative to a solution trainer, from a product manager to a digital marketing strategist, I enjoyed collaborating with interdisciplinary teams and have learned how to see things from a broad perspective to address both user and business needs. I come to this program to sharpen my user-centered design skills. My goal is to help design and ship user-friendly products and services.

Fun fact: I co-founded and led a hiking club in Taiwan and we took 40+ people to the mountain every month!

Bonny Christopher

I have a MA in Experimental Psychology from San Jose State University and a BA in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati. Before starting the MHCI+D program, I worked at NASA Ames Research Center as a Senior Research Psychologist investigating aviation safety specifically pertaining to workload and attentional tunneling. I ultimately decided to go back to school because I realized that a lot of the problems I was dealing with were labeled as human error even though they were actually design flaws in the system. I am deeply interested in the design of high stakes systems and how they can be improved upon when users are under stress. I joined MHCI+D to increase my skill set, gain a better understanding of what good HCI is, and learn how to design better interactive systems.

Christopher Chung

Before joining the MHCID program, Chris worked at Baker Hughes in IT, working in Houston on the IT Infrastructure and IT Sales & Marketing teams. He received his B.S. from Cornell University, majoring in Information Science, Systems, and Technology with a minor in Business. His interests lie in user interface and interaction design. He decided to join the MHCID program after working as a UX designer on a well monitoring app for Baker Hughes. After the program, Chris hopes to pursue a career in interface design, with his background in IT, business, and now HCI.

Kasturi Dani

I’m a multidisciplinary designer with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. My expertise and interests revolve in the worlds of UX design, visual design, data visualization and brand identity. My approach is inquisitive and collaborative, and I’m always on the lookout for complex design problems to solve.

Diandian Ding

I am a graduate student from Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) program at University of Washington. I’ve received my Master of Design degree from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2014 with the major in interior architecture before I came to HCID program. I also got my Bachelor’s Degree in environmental design from Tsinghua University. Since I have multiple design backgrounds and practical experiences, I can always bring more diversity to the team. With my eight years of design experience across architecture, graphic design and UX/UI design, I’ve built strong design skills through different projects and tasks, as well as capacity to create strong design results.

Steven Dong

I am a user researcher with a B.S in psychology. Combined with my interest in computer and latest technology, my job is to form the connection between human and technology, and to design a way that allows the technology to become part of our life. With both science and design training, I solve the problem in a systematic, scientific, and creative way.

In my leisure time, I am a gamer and a game developer. I enjoy creating characters, stories, and fantasy worlds, which this not only allows me to share my imagination with others but also trained me to think freely and out of the boundary. With the advance of technology, I am excited about how the future of storytelling could have changes, how human could interact with each media and each other in a new way, and how user research and interaction could help us shaping the user experience.

Matthew Eziashi

I've spent most of my life in Georgia, and I attended Georgia Tech for my undergraduate degree. I bring a technical, analytical approach to solving design problems, as well as a creative side to create rich experiences. I have strong programming skills, and I enrolled in the MHCID program to understand user centered design and apply it to challenging problems. Motion graphics, filmmaking, and video editing are a few ways I explore my creative side when I'm not working. I want to be able to make a living doing what I enjoy, combining creativity and design to improve peoples lives.

Im also passionate about tennis and soccer, as I've been involved in both since I was a kid. A few of my other hobbies are making music, gaming, and trying to find more hours in a day.

Kyle Freed

Hello! I’m Kyle. I love technology, design and people. I believe that great things are created with great group dynamics and I enjoy making that happen.

I’ve always been curious about why people do what they do – but far more importantly, what understanding that can bring to product development. I hold a degree in Psychology and Spanish, which brings strong analytical and communication skills to projects I work on.

My passion for the process of planning and executing creative projects lead me to UW, where I am completing a Master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction and Design.

Ryan Gerber

Ryan is a Seattle-based UX and product designer, specializing in early stage startups and business development.

Yingri Guan

I aspire to create simple and elegant solutions for complex problems through alternative ways of analyzing and interpreting information. Adventurous, curious and insightful by nature, I pay attention to global commonalities and differences between cultures in an effort to draw associations and connections.

With a multi-dimensional background in human-computer interaction, design, mathematics and research, I offer a unique, team-based approach to all stages of user-centered design.

Elsa Ho

Before moving to the U.S., Elsa worked as a user researcher, UX strategist and UX designer in Singapore, Japan, China and Taiwan. She worked with Fortune 500 clients as well as early stage startups and helped them find ways to satisfy both user needs and business goals. She is experienced in leading user-centered consulting projects, cooperating with cross-functional and geographical teams and conducting cross-cultural user research.

After her MHCID, she hopes to work with a fast-growing and fast-moving team, to solve problems and create positive social impacts by utilizing user-centered design and technology.

Kai-Ting Huang

Born and raised in Taiwan with great zeal for exploring the world, I have been crafting digital experiences in the Netherlands and the U.S. since 2011. As a self-motivated individual, I keep pursuing cutting-edge design techniques while reflecting on the fundamental human nature. I appreciate designs that demonstrate simplicity, clarity and profoundness.

Catherine Jou

My interests in technology, design, and social psychology are what shaped and evolved my education and professional career. I went to Northwestern University for undergraduate studies where I got a degree in Biological Sciences. After working for a few years in research labs and clinical settings, I got an additional degree in Computer Science at the University of Maryland in order to further pursue my interests in designing emerging technologies. While I was there, I got involved with accessibility research and became fascinated with the field of Human-Computer Interaction since it was a perfect crossroads of my interests. I joined the MCHI+D program in order to build a foundation in design thinking, as well as to hone my skills in prototyping and building new technologies and interactive experiences.

Hyun S Kim

Hi, I’m Hyun. I’m a designer and developer that understands the social and emotional aspects of design along with the logical and practical aspects of engineering. I have helped design and develop products and experiences ranging from interfaces, games, and physics simulations. I received a bachelor of applied science at the University of Pennsylvania in Digital Media Design and a minor in Fine Arts and returned for a masters in HCI+D at UW to bolster my education in user research and visual design. After the program I will be pursuing a career in User Experience Design.

Lyle Klyne

Hi, I’m Lyle Klyne, a product and interaction designer with an understanding of how people from different cultures interact and connect. I identify and resolve complex needs through simple design, leveraging my background in visual and interactive design with an empathetic understanding of software development. My background also includes fine arts, sound design, international policy, web development, and a master’s degree in HCI + Design. I aim to create ethical products with both purpose and reach, and if they can make people smile, even better!

Kim Le

Hi, I’m Kim! I’m originally from the Midwest, and a recent Seattle transplant. I completed my B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Integrated Studies in Science, Engineering, and Society at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (Go Badgers!) I’m a researcher at heart, but I have a strong appreciation for creativity and design thinking. My previous research focused on Human Factors & Ergonomics in aviation and healthcare technology. I gravitated towards HCI/UX because I want to combine my interests in social culture and human behavior with tech to help influence a greater population through design, especially populations that tend to be underserved. In addition to HCI+D, talk to me about social policy, education, fashion, and brilliantly, terrible pop culture references.

Ann Ting-An Lin

I am a UX designer fascinated by the interaction between people, products, and the world. I double majored in Industrial Design and Management Science at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.

Working as a project manager in the consumer electronics world for the past few years, I have been involved in the evolution of projects from initial development to shipped products. This extensive experience has given me the ability to understand how things function from a system-wide perspective, as well as taught me how to meet business goals in an optimal fashion.

After the MHCI+D program, I hope to work on products that apply advanced technology alongside a deep understanding of human nature.>

Sarah O'Connor

I'm a budding UX designer constantly driven by curiosity, compassion, and deep passions for both design and technology. My love for technology led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. After graduating, I entered the industry as a software developer at a healthcare company, but I soon realized that the aspect I was enjoying the most was the challenge of actually designing the products and experiences to enrich people's live. So now I'm here, pursuing a masters degree human computer interaction + design to enrich my background with more user research and design experience to be able to approach user experience design and development with a greater breadth of knowledge and improved skills.

James Pai

I’m a UX designer native to the Seattle area with a background researching visual attention at UW and designing video games. I joined MHCI+D to merge my passion for emerging technologies with my desire to understand human cognition. At any given time I need to be working on a personal project, whether it is prototyping a new VR idea, creating digital illustrations, or editing a video to document my latest outdoor adventure. After graduation, I plan to pursue UX design in the VR/AR industry where I can apply my skills to create innovative interactions from a user-driven approach.

Ankit Potdar

With a curiosity for what makes people tick and a deep understanding of technology, I am an engineer who practices design thinking. I have a Bachelors degree in Information Technology Engineering from the University of Pune. Since then I have worked as a developer for 2 years for a travel tech-startup. During my time there I worked closely with the product team and realized I am passionate about systems and product design. I joined MHCI+D to better understand and practice the UX design process.

Adaptability and pragmatism drives me to design user-centered solutions which are loved, feasible and repeatable. I am a close follower of all things tech and it’s applications to social phenomenons.

Adam Riddle

I am a interdisciplinary designer with experience in architecture, graphic design and interaction design. My passionate and creative attitude can be seen in both digital and physical products that are functional and enjoyable, grounded in design research. In 2008, I completed my Masters in Architecture at the University of Minnesota, specializing in conceptual design and 3D modeling. My diverse working experience includes large-scale, award-winning architecture firms in Minneapolis, Chicago and Seattle, as well as a small start-ups.

I believe in making things that matter. In time, I will be a design director.

Amy Roberts

I’m an interdisciplinary designer with a passion for UX/UI design and crafting meaningful experiences. With a background in fine art and visual design, I have experience working in creative agency environments as a visual designer, art director, and web designer/developer.

My interests include new media art, interactive digital experiences, and innovative ways of applying technology to existing social problems. I chose the MHCI+D program because I want to strengthen my UX design skills and connect with a diverse group of researchers, creators, and industry professionals.

Kiyana Salkeld

I am a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where I earned degrees in both Computer Science and Cognitive Science. My multidisciplinary background places me at the crossroads of computing and the humanities. I benefit from a broad skill set that allows me to thrive in all aspects of the product cycle. I am an innately interdisciplinary thinker, and I prefer to examine projects through multiple lenses. I enjoy collaborative endeavors and working as part of a team to evaluate ideas and transform them into meaningful results.

André Salyer

My background in is large-scale experiential installations, working with emerging technologies as a concept designer. I decided to enter the MHCI+D program at UW, because I'm interested working with emerging technologies, developing wide applications for those technologies and bringing them to market. I'm interested in public, private and industrial applications - basically, the more impact the product will have on any given industry, or society, the more irresistible I find the project.

I enjoy working in highly collaboratively, multidisciplinary teams. I’m comfortable taking a leading role, and enjoy passing my knowledge on to the next generation of up-and-coming designers.

Julie Sutherland

Hello, I’m Julie! I’m a research-driven designer from Northern California. With a background in fine art, visual design, and teaching, I strive for expansive thinking and creative approaches to difficult problems. I am always searching for better ways to communicate complicated ideas to other people.

In the MHCI+D program I've been exploring the technical side of today’s interaction and data-rich environments in a program that pairs human-centered design methods with the interdisciplinary community at UW. I'm inspired by speculative design, HCI and social justice, and working with diverse teams.

Megan Taylor

I’ve never been fond of small talk. I’d rather dive straight into the heart of the human experience. What are your hopes? Your greatest fears? How do you navigate life and what hurdles do you face along the way? To me, UX is the perfect excuse to keep asking the questions that have always been on the forefront of my mind. Thoughtful inquiry is a powerful tool when paired with a human-centered design process. It allows me to create technologies that directly improve the quality of people’s everyday lives. My background in user research, a passion for accessibility, and a bachelor’s degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering have me well equipped to manage the early stages of a product’s lifecycle. As a master’s student in Human-Computer Interaction and Design, I am also working to strengthen my technical and visual design skills so that I may better bridge the gaps between research, ideation and implementation. Ultimately, I intend to enter the UX industry firmly versed in all stages of the design process.

Collin Walker

Despite the fact that my home in Hamilton, Montana does not have access to the internet, I have always been fascinated by the power and creativity of the web. After graduating from the University of Washington I plan to pursue a career as a UX designer/developer utilizing my love of clean design and robust software in the humanitarian sector.

Yitao Wang

I hold a bachelors degree in Information Management & Information System from Sun Yat-sen University in China. During my internship as a product manager in a startup, I found I was always interested in creating a better user experience. Driven by a curiosity to explore all the skillsets necessary for UX design, I joined MHCID program and am constantly gaining new insights into user research, prototyping and the overall design process. I’m passionate about interaction design, motion design and mixed reality.

Tong Wen

Tong Wen is a passionate and rational designer, artist, programmer and craftsman. User experience, user interface, website, visual identity, illustration, performing arts, hardware design, and architecture, are all parts of her design experience. Exploration of the interaction of human beings and objects has never changed in her design process. Idealism is the engine pushing her to think beyond her limitation. Realism pulls her back to constantly implement and complete the idea. Stretching her thinking into diverse fields, she can see over the boundaries of design and discover a holistic solution or question-both crucial to an innovative and sophisticated design.

Empathy, structured thinking, divergent thinking and critical thinking are my strengths.

Timothy Wong

Hello! I’m a research savvy UX Designer bridging my creative and analytical sides to design human-centered experiences that help people and businesses’ bottom lines. My background in music and financial services have greatly shaped who I am as a designer.

Prior to MHCI+D, I was in client services working on the interaction experiences of data visualization and business intelligence platforms. I joined this program to continue bridging my backgrounds and strengthening my skills as an interaction designer.

I empathize with, learn about, and problem solve for people.

Si "Ricki" Xie

I am an multidisciplinary UX designer who strives to create a pleasant experience aligning people’s needs and business goals.

Over the past three years, I was fortunate enough to work on exciting projects with a variety of teams and people such as educators, industry professionals, non-profit organizations and start-ups. I helped architect the technology landscape for a Fortune 500 company, developed educational technologies to improve STEM curriculum, created an application to improve access to housing for people experiencing homelessness, and implemented an affordable bike tracking system to deter bike theft.

Xiao Yan

I am an interdisciplinary designer specializing in UI/UX design, industrial design and visual design. Since graduating from Ohio State University with a BS in Industrial and Product Design in 2014, I have been working on the industrial and interaction design of home robotics and smart home projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love to explore new forms of interaction, such as voice and gesture, and believe it can be my passion and motivation for future career. I have high expectations and strive for my work to be user-centered, innovative or creative, and visually polished.

Xinglu Yao

I studied cognitive science at the University of Washington, where I joined a two-year project discovering how intelligent systems like humanoid robots shape our values and behaviors. My past experience drives me to make products that not only deliver seamless user experiences but also bring out positive outcomes in the long term. I joined the MHCID program to learn to design innovative solutions and find ways to quickly and effectively validate them.

Liyi Zhu

As a designer with linguistics background, I am passionate about deciphering cognition and the human faculties as both a visual and audial experience.

I have a Master's degree in Linguistics and three years of Localization Project Manager experience, and now I am pursing my MHCID degree. I bring an integrated social science, business and design prospective to all projects. I have a firm belief in considered and simple design. I strive to make the complex clear and beautiful.