Come to the MHCI+D Career Conference

On June 21, 2017, we will host a conference for you to meet, get to know, interview, and learn with current MHCI+D students. Not a traditional career fair with you at tables and students in long lines, the MHCI+D Career Conference is a more intimate scale with opportunities for both scheduled and spontaneous interactions.


MHCI+D Career Conference Panel 2017

Michael Smith, Program Director, leads an industry panel with a variety of professionals.

Get to Know Our Students

MHCI+D graduates are well versed in the end-to-end user-centered design process including in-depth study in user research, ideation, prototyping and design communication tools and methods for a broad set of technology platforms. Our alumni have launched their careers in the top technology, consulting and start-up organizations nationwide. In addition, a project and team based curriculum emphasizes project management and team collaboration skills critical to succeeding in fast-paced, interdisciplinary environments. We encourage you to get to know MHCI+D students and alumni as part of your recruiting efforts by reviewing their profiles on our website here.

Schedule and Activities

The Conference begins at noon, with a lunch buffet and panel presentation on The Career Path of the Emerging UI/UX professional. The afternoon offers a choice of activities. Three companies will give presentations on their unique culture and offerings. Simultaneously, pre-scheduled one-on-one interviews will be available, along with those all important synchronistic meetings. The afternoon concludes with a networking hour (refreshments provided).


Noon to 1:30  Lunch buffet and panel presentation
1:30 to 4:30   Company presentations, simultaneous one-on-one interviews
4:30 to 5:30   Networking hour


Company Presentations:
Lead an experience with the assembled audience to give a feeling for what it’s like to work at your company.

Let us know if this intrigues you and we’ll figure it out together.

You can select the students who you want to interview beforehand with the MHCI+D Resume Book. You will be given access starting June 1st. Access will end June 28th.

Happy Hour:
This is what is sounds like, informal conversations with adult beverages and a little food.

How to Participate in the MHCI+D Career Conference

Registration will get you access to the resume book in early June so you can identify students you may want to interview. We will schedule brief, private one-on-one interviews for you. You are also welcome to spontaneously talk with any students throughout the day.

Price Points

Cost is per organization; you may bring up to four representatives. Fee includes buffet lunch, snacks, parking, and happy hour.


cost per company

Non-profit or up to 20 employees


21 to 60 employees


More than 60 employees


More Details


StartUp Hall, 2nd floor of Condon Hall, 1100 Campus Parkway NE, map to location


Parking will be included in the registration fee. Instructions will be provided upon receiving your registration.


While the University of Washington does not have any visitor housing on campus, there are a number of hotels nearby and private services, such as AirBnB.

Participating Companies in 2017

Participating Companies in 2016