MHCI+D Administration

Meet the dedicated HCI and Design faculty who built the program and the staff that support it

The Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design program was founded by DUB, a research center and grassroots alliance of faculty, students, researchers, and industry partners interested in Human Computer Interaction & Design research and education at the University of Washington. The program is overseen by the HCI+D Interdisciplinary Faculty Group which is composed of two dub-involved faculty from each of our four sponsoring academic units.

HCI+D Interdisciplinary Faculty Group

Human-Computer interaction, computing education, software engineering

Design, industrial design, interaction design, new media

David Hendry

Associate Professor

The Information School

Human-computer interaction, value sensitive design

David Ribes

Associate Professor

Human Centered Design & Engineering

Science and Technology Studies (STS), information studies; cyberinfrastructures (CI).

Jeff Heer

Associate Professor

Computer Science & Engineering


Data visualization; Interactive data analysis; Social computing; Human-computer interaction.

Sean Munson

Assistant Professor

Human Centered Design & Engineering

Social computing; selective exposure and political diversity online; systems to support health and wellness; persuasive technology.

Human-computer interaction, intelligent user interfaces, cross-cultural usability of technology.

Tad Hirsch

Associate Professor

School of Art + Art History + Design


Interaction design in urban environments; Human rights, environmental justice, and community empowerment.

MHCI+D Staff

Mary Larson

Associate Director of Academic Services


Matt Bartels

Graduate Academic and Career Advisor


Emily Lloyd

Program Coordinator


Graduate Staff Assistants

Edward Roberts

Career Conference Coordinator

MHCI+D Class of 2017

Madison Zeller

Social Media Coordinator

MHCI+D Class of 2017

Bert Zhang

DUB Video & Equipment Support

MHCI+D Class of 2017