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Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design


A truly interdisciplinary experience with world-class faculty and students from four departments in the cross-disciplinary group, DUB: Design-Use-Build:


Computer Science & Engineering


Human Centered Design & Engineering

The Information School


By integrating several disciplines, this unique Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design program brings together design, technology, and the study of human behavior, creating students who can work seamlessly across these fields to create innovative new products, technologies and services.


In a year-long, project-based curriculum, students learn the latest tools and techniques in user experience and interface design, prototyping, user research and evaluation. The Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design courses consist of both hands-on studios (often focused on industry-sponsored projects) as well as cutting-edge lecture courses. The combination of theory and practice, with emphasis on making and doing, provides a dynamic and intensive learning experience.


MHCID Exec Committee founding member, James Fogarty, co-author of study on food tracking barriers.

This work will be presented at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2015) in Seoul, South Korea, April 18-23.

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UW opens new CoMotion maker space to all students

This effort, one of many in various stages of development, reflect a mission that is “more about innovation transfer than tech transfer”

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2 MHCID Executive Committee members among 14 UW researchers winning 2015 innovation awards.

James Fogarty, CSE, and Julie Kientz, HCDE, are on a team of researchers building tools for use on a mobile device that let patients easily enter data about their habits and behaviors related to a particular health problem.More details

UW’s Jeffrey Heer wins award to support data visualization research

Jeffrey Heer, who will be the instructor for HCID 520 in Winter 2015, wins the Moore Investigator in Data-Driven Discovery award…Read more